Pradeep Somashekar Shetty

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Pradeep Shetty, a Civil Engineer and qualified Interior Designer, is responsible for the overall growth and setting up the vision of the company. He has rich and diversified experience in the redevelopment of independent private societies. He is instrumental in implementing best practices in construction, with a clear focus on reducing project delivery time. He is the guiding force for the highly motivated team at Heritage Group, for corporate strategy and business planning.

Girish Janki Partabrai Gangwani

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Girish Gangwani, a Civil Engineer and qualified Interior Designer, spearheads the Marketing, Sales and Finance functions at Heritage Group. Exceptional real estate industry knowledge and excellent negotiating skills are his key strengths. His achievements include being honoured with the prestigious ‘Best Real Estate Icon’ award from the leading publication Mid-Day. He is continuously exploring new business opportunities via joint development partnerships to propel the company’s business to higher growth orbits.

Bhaskar Shetty

IND Director

Mr. Bhaskar Dasu Shetty, a National Judo Champion with over 30 years of experience across various industries, serves as an Independent Director at Heritage Group. He excels in advisory roles, liaising with top government and non-government organizations, particularly in Real Estate and Infrastructure. Mr. Shetty has held leadership positions in hospitality and real estate sectors and is the current Secretary of the prestigious MIG Club in Bandra, showcasing his leadership and community engagement skills.

Vishal Gangwani

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Vishal Gangwani is a young leader with Business Management skills and has taken the responsibility to drive the company and take it to the next level, at a very young age. He is an innovator with a passion for construction and bring in new ideas in projects, and is a good negotiator. He handles projects and approvals from various Government Authorities. He is a creative person who wishes to create a masterpiece for the company’s customers to live happily in their new house in a new lifestyle building.

Bivas Haldar

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Bivas Haldar brings over 25 years of extensive experience in Customer Relationship Management and Operations to the table. He spearheads the company’s Legal and New Business Development initiatives, playing a pivotal role in shaping its strategic direction. With a unified vision that aligns closely with the company’s core values, Mr. Haldar fosters strategic synergy across various business strategies. His collaborative approach is instrumental in developing and refining systems, processes, controls, and procedures, thereby enhancing the firm’s overall efficiency and ensuring excellent client service. His commitment to continuous improvement ensures consistent delivery of excellence in client service. Mr. Haldar’s expertise and leadership are crucial in navigating complex challenges and capitalizing on new opportunities, reinforcing the firm’s strong market position.

Manikkam Subramaniam

Senior Vice President

Mr. Manikkam Subramaniam has nearly 35 years experience in Multinational Companies and led several projects and nurtured the organisational growth through his efficient planning and key strategic initiatives. He is the person responsible for the overall operations and implementation of the company’s strategic plan. He has significant years of experience in the property industry, with over 5 years of expertise in the residential property arena. His responsibilities include assisting in setting and managing strategy, business performance, corporate transactions and operational projects. He is responsible for the Group’s corporate finance, Sales and Marketing strategy and Information Technology functions.

Balakrishnan Akhilesh

Senior Vice President

Mr. Akhilesh Balakrishnan is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in marketing, sales, training, and HR across the consumer, pharmaceutical, and real estate industries. He excels in team development, understanding customer psychology, and has extensive experience both in India and internationally. He brings diverse perspectives and a proven track record of driving results. He is skilled in clear communication, fostering collaboration, and articulating ideas precisely. Adaptable and resourceful, he thrives in dynamic environments, overcoming challenges and seizing growth opportunities. Passionate about innovation and collaboration, Mr. Balakrishnan consistently elevates organizational performance. With a strategic mindset, he identifies trends, anticipates market needs, and steers initiatives toward success. Committed to continuous learning, he is always ready to tackle new challenges and contribute meaningfully.

Divya Shukla

Senior Project Manager

Divya Shukla is a highly experienced Senior Project Manager with over 15 years of extensive experience in the real estate and architecture sectors. She has a distinguished career working with industry giants such as DLF, Lodha, and Architect Hafeez Contractor. Divya has been instrumental in the planning, designing, and execution of high-profile projects, including the iconic Lodha World One and New Cuff Parade.Currently, at Heritage Group, Divya leads the Project Execution and Procurement team, ensuring seamless operations for ongoing projects. Additionally, she heads the Design team for future ventures, showcasing her exceptional leadership and strategic planning skills. Divya's expertise in project management and team building is complemented by her academic background, holding an M.Tech. in Water Resources Engineering from VNIT, Nagpur. Her strong analytical and technical skills have been key to her success in managing complex projects. Outside of her professional endeavors, Divya is passionate about traveling and cherishes spending quality time with her family.

Sandeep Ghagedmal

Finance Manager

Mr. Sandeep Ghagedmal is responsible for driving our Finance processes and ensuring that all projects proceed continuously with timely financial inputs. His chief skill is complete control over all financial matters related to both, customers and other stakeholders. He is responsible for ensuring that all our projects give industry-best profitable returns and create maximum value for our investors, who have trusted us with their investments.